The “More” Button in WordPress

One of the great things about WordPress blogs is the ease of categorizing your posts. You can sort them all into categories and use those categories to control what goes on the homepage, the blog, the featured content area, and more. When someone clicks on a category, though, they will end up with a long screed of all the posts in the category. They have to scroll through everything you’ve ever written about barbecue or snorkeling or whatever the topic might be.

Unless, that is, you take advantage of the “more” button. Use the more button and your category pages will be a nice list of brief excerpts till people click to expand their chosen post.

It’s easy to do. Here’s the more button:


Find the end of the first paragraph, click the more button, and you’ll get a little symbol like this saying “more.” This will not show on your blog post when people read it. It just tells your blog where to cut the message on the category page.

Just how your post looks will depend on your theme, whether you have pictures, and various other factors. Here’s how the category page looks with the more button at our lab site, FreshPlans:








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