Top 5 Rules for Choosing Bloggers

We know how it is. You had a blog built into your website because you really expected to write a blog post each day. Maybe you even wrote a post the first day or two, but then things got busy, you ran out of ideas, and it just didn’t work out. You have one post at your blog, possibly titled “Hello, World!” and it has been languishing since then.

Now you need to hire a blogger.

We have a lot of experience with this, so let us share with you the Top 5 Rules for hiring bloggers:

  1. Remember that blogging, unlike so many jobs on the web, produces visible results. You can and should ask to see examples of the blogger’s work. You should not ask candidates to write sample posts; anyone who doesn’t have enough work online to be able to show you a good sampling of their published work is not experienced enough to write a company blog.
  2. When looking at the blog posts, you should first note whether they have a point, make sense, and are interesting. If not, don’t hire that blogger.
  3. You should expect correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Google does. (Can I make a suggestion? If you’re not a writer yourself and you think you see a mistake, check first. You’d be surprised how many business owners introduce errors when they think they’re correcting them.)
  4. Feel free to highlight phrases, copy them, and paste them into the search box at your favorite search engines. You should not the see the phrase anywhere else online. You hire bloggers to provide original content.
  5. When interviewing potential bloggers, listen closely for phrases like “creative juices” or “inspiration.” In our experience, this usually means, “I won’t meet deadlines.”

Now, you might not really need to hire an individual blogger for your company. You could, for example, hire Haden Interactive to write for you. Our writers have relevant college degrees, extensive blogging experience, serious editing credentials, and all the tools we need to get the job done well and on time. Every time. When you hire us to blog for you, you can relax.

If you don’t want to relax, you can also edit and provide topics and ask for changes. We’re very agreeable. We’re also affordable. Call Rosamond at 479.966.9761 to discuss your needs.







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