Trying Out Adobe Spark, Part I

Adobe Spark is more than a simple graphics tool, but it’s a great simple graphics tool, so let’s start with that for today’s Tool Tryout Tuesday.

Making a graphic for your blog or social media starts, at Spark, with your text. This is an Adobe tool, so it has a stylish interface and it’s fun and easy to put in your content. I like the fact that it’s content-focused, too, where so many others begin with an image and then add text as a decoration. If you’ve planned things out ahead of time, that may not matter, but it’s the right mindset.

Spark will present your text with a random background image. Now you can choose the right proportions for the social media platform you want to use, including Etsy or YouTube thumbnail. You can also just choose the basic shape, such as “tall” or “banner” if you don’t need to match the image to a particular platform.  This is what the “Resize” button does.


Now choose a “Theme” with the “Theme” button. This is the typography. You can see your text in many different configurations in seconds.


You can skip ahead to the “Photo” button to find or upload a background image at this point and then come back to the “Theme” section to choose or create a style for your text.


Next up is the “Palette” button. Choose from lots of suggested palettes and change the proportions of the colors within them. I didn’t see any way to specify a color as a starting point.


The Photo area lets you upload your own photos, pull them from a variety of sources, or search for public domain shots. There are also plenty of filters to choose from.


In the “Text” area you can control your text. You can choose your own typographic effects or alter those of the Theme you chose. The level of control of text in Spark is better than in any other graphics tools we’ve tried.


Now download or share your creation.


We didn’t see any limitations on the number of graphics you can create or on the number you can save.

While there are plenty of online graphics tools, it’s no surprise that Adobe’s is the best so far.








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