Time is Money at Your Website

Time is money for several important aspects of your website, even if it is a cliche.

Your domain

If you have an old domain, you have a big advantage. If you’ve had something — anything — online for a long time, you get extra points with the search engines. Right now, we’re working with some domains over a decade old. Once we get their new sites up, the owners can expect to see very good results more quickly than a brand new domain with an equally good website.

How can you get the benefits that make that kind of time money? Get your domain right now. Don’t fool around one second longer. Then keep your site online. After some time, you can reap the benefits.

Your design

Web designers are usually paid by the hour.  Think about what you want first, be decisive, limit the number of changes you ask for, and you’ll save money. I’m surprised to find that clients don’t expect to be charged for changes, however long the changes take and even when it’s the client who has changed his or her mind rather than the designer who has failed to interpret the client’s wishes accurately.

I think part of this is because clients often have no idea what’s involved in the work or how long it takes. Many people don’t know for sure whether web design is like posting a picture at Facebook or involves soldering. The best course of action is to ask: what kinds of changes can I ask for, and what will extras cost?

Your blog

Once you’ve posted regularly at your blog for a few months, directories will list it. Google will (if you’ve written something worthwhile) rank it and offer searchers your posts. You will become a recognized authority in your field.

If you’ve just been thinking about blogging, or you blog about once a month, or you’ve been blogging for a few weeks and think you’ll give it up because it isn’t working for you — well, remember that you need a calendar and not a watch to measure your results.

Time is money at your blog in another way, too. Does it take you several hours to write one blog post? Does that time come out of your other work? If so, then the chances of your getting to the point where your blog will pay off for you are slim. Hire somebody to write it for you: it’s a worthwhile investment.

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