Trying Out Collaborative Tools

It’s Tool Tryout Tuesday, so it seems like just the right day to share some of the tools I tried out for my WordCamp presentation on World Domination collaboration via WordPress.

Feel free to download the slides from my presentation, World Domination with WordPress. I will be updating it soon, but this is the version presented at WCKC.

Collaboration is increasingly important, and many of us have remote workers, people on multiple shifts, different branches or departments, compliance checks, and a general need for simple, effective electronic communication.


Many businesses, practices, and organizations are already using cloud-based collaboration tools… and paying a lot for them. Add the decisions about who should be using which tool and the inconvenience of using multiple subscription tools, and there are clear advantages to working from your WordPress dashboard.


WordPress is already designed for collaboration. It’s in the cloud, so everyone always sees the most recent version — unlike Word documents being emailed back and forth with multiple conflicting updates. It’s also easy enough for everyone to use, not just specialists, so you can bring in many different collaborators.


WordPress can also be customized for additional needs in collaboration. P2, shown below, is a theme specifically designed for collaboration.


P2 is intended to be used as a private, internal site, so it’s most practical for companies with multiple sites. BuddyPress is a plugin that will give a similar effect on the back end of the website.


Both P2 and BuddyPress allow internal messages in one place, for efficient communication. But there are also plugins that create complete Project Management solutions.


Read more about project management plugins.

Editing is a frequent collaborative task, and Edit Flow is a perfect plugin for the purpose.

Teambuilding can be an issue for remote workers, so think about using a plugin like Badgeos to add some fun or even competition to your team activities.


Download all the slides from the presentation, World Domination with WordPress.






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