Trying Out Tweriod

Tweriod is a free tool (with premium options) that tells you the best times to tweet if you want to make sure to get the best possible reach. I tried out the free version.

So… how much do you love graphs? I always enjoy a good graph myself, so I am happy to share with you the graphs Tweriod concocted for me based on the data from my Twitter account (come follow me!).

Tweriod shows you various days of the week in various combinations.

You can compare the pattern on weekdays…


With the pattern on weekends:


You can sort out Sundays and Mondays in particular, though the differences in my data weren’t that exciting.

You can see when people are most likely to respond to you:


And you can look at the combined graph:


As it happens, the major takeaway for me was that our default times for tweeting for clients are the right choices. No surprise there.

However, different industries have different patterns. Our typical B2B client will show the pattern you’re seeing here — they check in with morning coffee, at lunch time, and toward the end of the day when they need to perk up a little for the last stretch of work. When they get home, they head for Facebook or Pinterest rather than Twitter, because it’s time to wind down.

If you’re talking to stay-at-home moms, construction workers, or rock bands, you might find a completely different pattern.

Premium accounts start at $3.99 a month, and they provide a monthly report at varying levels of fancy-ness. They’ll also sync up with Buffer to send your tweets out at the right time automatically. We use Sprout Social for scheduling, but the automatic syncing could be handy should your tweeps suddenly start showing up at different times of day.

We think you should check Tweriod out to make sure you’re tweeting — and available for responses — when your followers are around, and because the graphs are cool. If you report on your social media to your supervisor or board but don’t care to take on a more generalized social media solution, it could be nice to brand your report and show this data.

We couldn’t see ongoing value for automatic reporting for the average business. Let us know if we’re missing something!



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