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Makeover: A Publishing Company

More of the King Publishing is a very specialized publishing house, carrying a collection of Bible study materials for camps. They had a website, but it wasn’t organized to showcase their products or to lead visitors to shop.

We did a live refresh, reorganizing the structure and optimizing the content. That inspired the owner to go ahead and step up to a new website. We built a new WordPress website for More of the King, using the new information architecture and content with a bright new design by Tom Hapgood.

What’s new about the new site?

  • The new site puts shopping and product information right where people look first.

  • Shopping is easier, with a friendly shopping cart on each page.

  • The products are presented attractively. When visitors click on them, they get additional information and sample pages, and they can add the items to their cart at any time.

  • Testimonials and qualifications are corralled on a single sales page, so someone who needs help making the decision can find it easily — we can’t expect visitors to click to lots of pages in their decision making process. Visitors can easily access their shopping cart or the store from this page, too.

All in all, the new website shows the vibrant spirit of the company and the quality of the materials much better.  It’s more user-friendly and helps visitors become customers easily. The site is also seeing steady increase in search traffic since the new content was implemented, and we expect that will continue.








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