What Do Business Owners Know about SEO?

FRACTL conducted a survey designed to find out what average business owners knew about SEO. One of their findings was that business owners were more likely to know something about SEO than people who did not own a business. That’s good news right there. 

But when it comes down to the amount and kind of knowledge these business owners had and how they used it, it was clear that the respondents could have done better. For example, more than one third of respondents among the business owners had no idea how Google ranks web pages.

Most of the business owners surveyed didn’t feel confident defining these common SEO terms:

We would have said “KPI” — key performance indicators — is an ordinary business term, not specific to SEO. But terms like “alt text” and “domain authority” had barely half of respondents feeling confident.

Quiz results

FRACTL also gave respondents a quick quiz. The average grade among business owners? An F — 48.7% correct. Questions included “Does site speed have an effect on rankings?” and “What is organic search?” as well as other definitions and questions about ranking factors. 

Do business owners need to know about SEO?

Interestingly, the business owners who answered FRACTL’s survey mostly believed that SEO is important and useful. They just weren’t sure what it is.

Basic knowledge about SEO allows you to make better choices about how to allocate funds and to determine the value of specific strategies for SEO. 

We’ve met people who pay a monthly fee for SEO who have no idea what services are included and no idea whether it’s making a difference for them. If you work with an SEO company, you should be able to ask questions about SEO and understand the answers.

Here’s some basic information you might find helpful:

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