Working with Your Healthcare Blogger

You have a few different options once you decide to hire a healthcare blogger. Some healthcare professionals continue writing articles for their practice when they have the time. Others choose to work closely with their writer to produce content. Some may choose to leave writing medical content entirely up to the the healthcare blogger.

Even if you give control of your practice’s blog posts, news, and articles to your medical blogger, you must establish how you are going to work with them. From giving feedback and making editorial changes to notifying your healthcare blogger about upcoming events, communication is key to getting the best results at your medical website.

Why work with your healthcare blogger?

A professional medical writer knows how to communicate health information and comply with HIPAA regulations. Your healthcare blogger should be able to provide accurate, readable medical content with little direction. However, maintaining a good level of communication with your healthcare blogger produces the best results.

You shouldn’t have to explain basic, or even difficult, medical information to your writer. A good medical copywriter can understand specialized health information and communicate that information to make it accessible to your audience.

There are many other situations in which you need to coordinate with your healthcare blogger, though.

  • There’s a change in personnel, or a change in policy, at your practice that your healthcare blogger isn’t aware of.
  • Your clinic is accepting new patients, you’re promoting a free diagnostic screening, or you have a new mobile app that you want your patients to know about.
  • Maybe your clinic takes a stance on an issue that conflicts with the views of other respected clinics or organizations.  
  • A physician wants to expand upon, or clarify, a point in an article.
  • You want the style, voice, or tone of your content to better reflect your practice.

There’s more than one way to work with a healthcare blogger.

Some of our clients prefer to work directly with us on a regular basis, while others prefer to hand over the reins and let us take care of their website — we’re great with both of these approaches and everything in between.

  • You can leave it up to your medical writer to communicate with you and ask questions.
  • Maybe you have a designated healthcare marketer, or a marketing department that will work closely with your writer.
  • Shared documents and digital work spaces make it easy to share information quickly and make sure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Edit Flow is a great tool for assigning topics, scheduling posts, and making sure of compliance.
  • Will you have digital meetings, phone meetings, or physical meetings — all three? Will you have scheduled meetings or meet as needed?

The important thing is that your system works with your preferred workflow. It shouldn’t take more time than is convenient for you — and you shouldn’t get unpleasant surprises.

You may need to try out options and tweak the system until it works perfectly for you.

Communication is key

The terminology you use might be different from what people search for and understand. “Cardiac infarction”, “gastroenteritis”, and “dermatitis” are the most accurate terms you can use, but your patients search for “heart attack”, “stomach flu”, and “itchy skin”, instead.

A healthcare blogger bridges the gap between the doctor and the patient.

They increase the visibility of your practice and provide thought leadership and patient education through well-written and accessible content that’s optimized for search engines.

We specialize in writing medical content, and we work directly with healthcare marketers, physicians, and healthcare professionals. Contact Haden Interactive if you’re interested in hiring a medical blogger; let us work with you to provide HIPAA-compliant medical content optimized for search. Whether you’re looking for a close-working collaboration, or you just want a professional SEO copywriter to take care of your website for you, we can help you get the most out of your website.






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