When Life Interferes with Blogging

We’re finishing up our new year analytics reports, and seeing again and again that blog posts bring traffic, build authority, and improve rankings like nothing else you can do for your website.

It’s our experience that consistent posting works best. There is such a wide range of traffic for blogs that we have seen weekly blogs get higher numbers than daily ones, but overall a consistent posting schedule works better and three times a week gives excellent ROI.

So you can imagine our chagrin at the fact that our own company blog isn’t being posted as regularly as it should.

Frankly, life has been interfering. Albert Einstein said that time exists to keep everything from happening at once, but time has fallen down on the job around here lately. Obviously, our clients must get their top-quality blogs on time, so something else has to give.

For us, it has been our own company blog. We’ve posted less than three times a week, instead of our usual five times a week. Have there been consequences? Yes. We saw a 5.29% drop in Pageviews.

Fortunately, we have thousands of posts here at Haden Interactive, and two full time writers, and we can pull our socks up and get back on track pretty quickly.

But we know that plenty of companies and organizations start posting regularly and then find that life — and business — get in the way of posting. A few days off becomes a few weeks off, and pretty soon the abandoned blog is making the company look bad.

If that happens to you, and you don’t have a couple of full time writers on staff, you need help. We’d love to help. Call Rosie at 479.966.9761 to find out what we can do for you, or just fill out the simple form below.






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