Who’s Doing SEO in Bentonville, AR?

We met with a prospective client in Bentonville the other day, and he asked us who was doing SEO in his neighborhood. Bentonville is in some ways the center of the retail universe — 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive may be the most iconic locations for American shoppers, but the largest retailer in the world is headquartered in Bentonville and many of the major consumer goods companies have set up shop (satellite shops, at least) in their back yard.

So when this gentleman asked us who was doing SEO in Bentonville, we figured — once we had assured him that we do SEO for plenty of folks in Bentonville and would be happy to help — that our inability to come up with a name for him was just a gap in our knowledge.

I turned to Google to discern which online marketing companies were really local in Bentonville. I tried Benton County. Then, in desperation, I turned to the Yellow Pages. There I found several supposed SEO companies without websites and a couple with extremely poor quality websites.

A company without a quality website can’t help you with SEO or online marketing. Sorry. This is probably a lesson on why not to look in the phone book for online marketing companies.

Your SEO company doesn’t have to be local, of course. We’re happy to drive up from Fayetteville to meet with our clients in Bentonville (I teach classes there, anyway), and we also do just fine with our clients all over the world using Skype, email, GotoMeeting, and telephones. Still, we were surprised not to find any Bentonville SEO firms at all.

If you know of one, feel free to share their name in the comments. In the meantime, Haden Interactive is delighted to be of service to Bentonville.






3 responses to “Who’s Doing SEO in Bentonville, AR?”

  1. Ray Hensley Avatar
    Ray Hensley

    I am interested in speaking with you about my web site.

    1. Rebecca Haden Avatar
      Rebecca Haden

      Hi, Ray, I’d love to talk with you about your web site.

      You can email me at, or fill out the form at our Contact Us page. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. John Myers Avatar
    John Myers

    There is one company that I know of in Bentonville, AR that does quality SEO work and that is Simplemachine. They are relatively new in the area and are small compared to most marketing companies, but in my experience, this allowed them to be very local and very personable. Worked great for my sporting goods store here in Bentonville. You can check out their website at Other than that I do not know of any other companies in Bentonville doing SEO work. I only found them through a friend, not sure if they’re doing much in terms of marketing yet. Thanks for the article. Hopefully we can get some other businesses to respond.

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