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SEO and Inbound Marketing

I was talking with a client earlier. “I see people are coming to your new website,” I said cheerfully. We hadn’t been discussing SEO and inbound marketing, as it happened. We were looking at security issues, also important stuff. But I wanted to share the good news.

“How are they getting there?” he asked in surprise. 

That is, he had not been working to bring people to his website. He’s still fine-tuning the site and building his content. “Let’s work on having a website worth coming to,” he very sensibly suggested. “Then we can talk about getting people to come to it.”

What’s inbound marketing?

Classic, traditional marketing is based on grabbing people’s attention and persuading them to buy from you. Traditional ads are an obvious example of this method.

You weren’t thirsty, you weren’t looking for soda, but this picture is supposed to cause you to want soda. Sometimes it works. 

Inbound marketing provides useful information that you will find when you want to know more. For example, you probably came to this page because you want to know more about inbound marketing. On this page, and the rest of the website, you can find a lot of details about how to do inbound marketing effectively, and how to use SEO strategy to show up for the people who need you.

I hope you didn’t come here for soda, because I don’t have any to offer you. I do, however, have useful information about SEO and inbound marketing. We provide those services for website owners. When people find the information they need here, they see that they can trust us, and they contact us to find out more about the services we offer. 

That’s how inbound marketing works: people search for the help they want, and reach out rather than waiting for your office to interrupt them with an ad.

Why SEO and inbound marketing?

The two go together because SEO, search engine optimization, makes it easier for visitors to find the inbound marketing content you have to offer. 

As we described in a post on two websites, it’s possible for two different websites to offer much the same information. The one that communicates better with search engines is more likely to show up for people who need that information. An optimized website will usually have more visitors, and those visitors are more likely to engage with the information being offered.

Haden Interactive is focused on content marketing. Producing truly valuable content is the most challenging part of inbound marketing for most website owners. We know that the content we produce for our clients is truly valuable because of these metrics:

  • It ranks well with Google. Our content often ranks for hundreds of important keywords.
  • It draws prestigious links. Our content gets editorial links from well-known publications like The Atlantic and Psychology Today. 
  • It brings increasing traffic. Our clients see regular increases in traffic over time.

We always want our clients to enjoy the content we provide and to feel proud of their websites, but we rely on actual results to drive our strategies.

We’d love to talk with you about your SEO and inbound marketing needs.







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