Your Online Marketing Plan for 2010: Top 3 Moves

This may be the wildly busy time of year for you. If not, it’s time to start thinking about your online marketing plan for 2010. How does your website fit into your company’s overall marketing plan?

Tim Ash’s Landing Page Optimization has an interesting chart showing the people who visit your website. He has them laid out like this:

maybe no
maybe maybe
maybe yes

The no and yes groups, he says, have already made up their minds, so it’s the maybe group that you’re really talking to.

People who know for sure that they don’t want what you offer have come to your page for some other reason than to shop. People who know for sure that they want what you offer have come there to shop.

The rest of the people have wandered by or come over because they heard of you, or they’re checking you out as a possible solution to their needs.

Here are the top three things to consider:

  • Is your website doing its job? You can make all kinds of efforts to get traffic to your site, but if your website isn’t doing what it needs to do, then bringing more people isn’t necessarily a good thing.
  • Do you have a way of keeping in touch? The people who come to your site thinking “maybe” might need a bit more contact. Do you have a way of collecting contact information, and a plan for contacting them?
  • Are you visible? Whether you choose advertising, social media, or a combination of online and physical world strategies, you need to do something to make sure that people who need you can find you.






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