Jeremy Conkle

Your Website and Your Online Presence

Jeremy, Rebecca, and I talk about your online presence in the video below. 

We begin with examples of organizations that realized their websites needed significant updates as a result of the pandemic. This has been true for so many of us. Either the pandemic has caused changes in direction that require a change in our online presence, or it has led to realizations of the need for a stronger online presence. 

Next we discuss why businesses — even small ones — need a website. You may have a strong social media presence, but you need a good website to serve as the permanent hub for your online presence.

Then we talk about relaunching websites. 



At one point, I talk about ways you can hurt your online presence by redoing your website: 

  • You can remove the SEO content in the excitement of rebranding, and hurt your search results.
  • You might make decisions that would be great for Instagram but which don’t work for a website.
  • You can unwittingly make changes that don’t support your business strategy.
  • You can change URLs and get consequences you don’t expect. 

You need a strategy

Strategy comes first. Your business strategy or thought leadership strategy is the right starting point for decisions about your online presence. 

You need to understand your audience. You must know their path to purchase. You should be aware of the needs of visitors of different age groups and backgrounds. 

You have to know about your competitors, and you need to understand the different platforms that can be part of your online presence, and how they can work together. 

If you know how your web visitors interact with your website, that information can also be valuable. 

Once you have that information, you need to analyze, synthesize, and develop a step-by-step plan to reach your goals. That’s where Haden Interactive can come in handy — we can produce a custom SEO strategy document to guide you as you make changes to your website, or plan your first website. 

That document can also give you a step-by-step plan for your online presence, incorporating your current website in your digital marketing plan. 

Working with a strategy is much more successful than trying things out at random. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation — join in in the comments and let us know what you think, or what questions you have!







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