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10 Creative Ways to Use Your QR Code

A new client was showing me his QR code this morning. He had lots of giant stickers made and was putting them on his billboards, and he also used them for his print ads.

I admired them. They were in color, with some special features. All of them went to his homepage, though.

“You know,” I said, “we could easily make you a special landing page for the code in your ad, a page that speaks directly to the people who find you through this magazine.”

He looked confused. He hadn’t realized that it was possible to make a special page for the QR codes to go to, or that they could be tracked in Google Analytics, or that we could find out from Google Analytics a lot of information that would be useful for targeting his ad directly toward the people he wanted to communicate with.

The bottom line: QR codes can be very useful, not only for getting people to your website, but for getting information that allows you to meet their needs better, for providing content to them to meet those needs, and for ongoing improvement in your marketing.

Here are 10 cool things you can do with QR codes:

  1. Construct a QR code that leads to more information about your product. Add that code to the shelves next to the product.
  2. If people wait for an appointment with you or wait in line to pay for purchases, post QR codes that take them to something interesting, whether it’s health tips, a game, or your company Facebook page.
  3. Put QR codes to recipes near ingredients you sell.
  4. Put QR codes by the dishes on your buffet which take people to health and nutrition data for those dishes.
  5. Put QR codes on product packages that link to reviews of the product.
  6. Instead of a pricing card, use a QR code that goes to your (easily updated) online pricing page.
  7. Create a quiz at your website that goes with a product you sell, so customers can click on the QR code to determine which grill or dog or what have you will suit them best.
  8. Post a survey question, with a QR code to learn the answer.
  9. Post a sign at your reception desk saying, “Do you like us?” and add a QR code for your Facebook page.
  10. Create an ad with three special offers, using three QR codes as “Door Number 1,” Door Number 2,” and “Door Number 3.”

No QR code yet, or maybe you’re like our client mentioned above and don’t really know what your QR code can do for you? Call Julianne at 479.966.9761, and we’ll construct QR codes for you, as well as a custom strategy for using your QR codes well.







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