12 Reasons to Love Designers

We at Haden Interactive have worked with lots of designers over the years. We have the good fortune to have our choice now, but in our freelance days we had some experiences that have really made us appreciate the designers on our team.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, a great day to think about the people we love and the prior experiences that make us appreciate them all the more, we want to offer you some reasons to love your web designers. If you haven’t yet settled on a designer, feel free to use these as criteria for choosing your designer — or, hey, just give us a call at 479.966.9761 and you can work with ours!

  1. Our designers realize that the websites, logos, and sales materials they design are supposed to work, not just to be admired.
  2. They realize that usability and clarity are the starting points, not things to be added in later if it doesn’t interfere with their creative vision.
  3. They don’t think that a really big photo with an About Us button counts as a web design.
  4. They recognize that color and images in websites are intended to communicate things about the company that owns the website.
  5. They find ways to be creative and forward-thinking that don’t involve hiding the navigation.
  6. They respect the content.
  7. They respect the client, even when the client wants things that cause revulsion in their artistic souls.
  8. They have artistic souls.
  9. They get all the jokes at The World’s Worst Website.
  10. They are meticulous about code.
  11. They don’t give up on being meticulous about code just because that requires learning new things all the time.
  12. They create beautiful things, in spite of the limitations of the preceding 11 points.







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