5 Reasons an Expert Needs a Blogger

We write about some very specialized things: lifestyle dentistry, dense breast tissue, chemical regulation compliance, healthcare funding in U.S. territories, stuff like that. We are not top experts on these subjects, so I was not surprised to get this question recently: “I’m an expert on this subject. Why would I want you to blog for me? ”

Let’s make it a little less personal and ask when an expert needs a blogger.

Why does an expert need a blogger?

  1. You’re not a writer. Knowing things is not the same as writing them, and writing for human visitors and search engines alike is a specialized skill. That’s what I’m an expert on. Chances are, an expert web content writer will get better results for you than a subject expert who is not also a web content writer.
  2. You write to a different audience — not your clients. Many experts are used to writing for other experts. But people who are searching for an endocrinologist, for example, may not even know what that word means. People looking for a solution to a problem may not be prepared to do the close reading required to understand an expert treatise on the solution.
  3. You’re not an SEO expert. Writing and promoting content as part of a strategic content marketing strategy is something different from just writing.
  4. You’re not comfortable with the technology. It’s not hard to use a content management system like WordPress or social media tools, but it may not be your jam. We’ve met subject experts whose only really comfortable software is PowerPoint. Your blog posts will not be done as efficiently and they may not look as good as those of someone who has mastered the relevant tech.
  5. You don’t have the time. All the other items on this list can be overcome. You’re an expert in your own field; you can become an expert blogger if that’s what you need to do. But is that really what you need to do?

Unless your field is SEO strategy and web content creation, or your blog is your job, then you don’t have time to write your own company or practice blog on a regular basis.

If you’re just starting out and you currently have the time to blog, that’s fine. If you’re successful, though, you will soon have much less time, because you will be busy with your new patients, clients, or customers. If, after several months of regular blogging, you still have time to write your blog regularly, then you’re not a successful blogger.

What should an expert do with a blogger?

Share your knowledge. One statement or question with a few bullet points should be enough for your blogger to get a good post together for you. Links to articles that you think make a good point are also useful, as are topics you’d like to see covered. Your quick notes or half-finished blog posts are also fine.

A good blogger and a subject expert can make an amazing team. Contact us if you need a blogger.



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