5 Ways to Increase Traffic at your Website

Want more traffic at your website? You probably do. Increase traffic at your website, and you are likely to get more sales, more leads, more new patients, and more conversions in general. 

Website Traffic

The post above discusses different kinds of traffic and the details of targeted traffic. Click through and read it if you’re not sure whether increased traffic would be good for you. Hint: it probably is exactly what you need. 

A step by step content marketing plan or a custom SEO strategy will set you on the path to ongoing increases in traffic. But you can also take some simple steps to boost your traffic. 

Do more of what works

Most websites have popular content that brings in traffic reliably week after week and year after year. Use your web analytics to identify the high performing content at your website, and create more of that. 

You may find that there is a topic that brings plenty of traffic, but it’s just as likely that you’ll discover that a type of post performs well. Evergreen posts or posts that answer common questions might be the workhorses at your website. Add more of the things that bring visitors. 

Work on page 2 keywords

This ranking information from our lab site shows that, while we have plenty of #1 and first page rankings, we also have lots of keywords on the second and third pages of the SERPs. We can probably move those keywords onto the first page. Once we do that, more searchers will see those pages in their search results and click through. 

Many more people choose to read web pages offered on page 1 of the search results than on page 2. While different searchers see different things, getting on page 1 for as many keywords as possible is a reliable way to increase web traffic.

Create content clusters

content cluster

We find that content clusters increase traffic for most websites. This is an SEO strategy that takes strong content and supports it with related content. Click through to find step-by-step instructions. 

Build links to your website

Links are an important part of SEO. They can also send traffic. Use your web analytics to determine what kinds of links already send you referral traffic, and build more links of the same kind. 

Depending on your goods and services, you might find that people use local directories to find websites like yours, or that they click through from online review sites, influencers’ blogs, community news sites, or listings at academic or government websites. Once you know what kind of links bring targeted traffic, work on increasing those links. 

If you don’t yet have enough links to provide that data, it makes sense to put some investment into building links you think might work for you. Then track the results and refine your strategy. We can help with this process. 

Promote your content 

Promote the content on your website through social media, advertising, or email marketing. You certainly want to show up when people look for your goods and services. However, you also want to show up for your target market when they’re browsing Instagram. You want to be able to reach out to people who want to hear from you. You may also want to show up for searches now, while you’re working on organic rankings — that’s what ads are for. 

It’s important, if you use these strategies, to be able to track how they’re working. If you put resources into social media and you don’t see increased traffic from social media, then you will know that you need to change your strategy. Without the data, you just won’t know. 







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  1. Techmagnate Avatar

    Interesting article to read, but can you give us a concrete example of website for which you managed to highly increase the traffic using these steps? You have provided excellent tips. And I do hope that I can get good traffic on my website.

    1. Rebecca Haden Avatar
      Rebecca Haden

      We take our clients’ privacy seriously, so we don’t share their specific results. However, our lab site went from launch to over 7500 visits a month in five months. MyFreshPlans.com is the URL.

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