Add a User in Google Analytics

add a user in Google Analytics

It’s easy to share your analytics information with someone else. You’ll want to let your SEO pros get in and dig, of course, and you might also want to share the information with other team members.

Start by going into your Google Analytics report. You’ll see a gear shape in the upper right hand corner. Click on it to get into your settings.

add user in GA

Click on “Users,” circled above.

new user in analytics

Click on “New User,” circled in the screen shot above, and go through the steps as they’re presented to you.  You can choose to allow access to someone you’ve already shared with or with a new person, and you will choose whether your new user should be a User or an Administrator.

Administrators can see all the accounts and make quite a few decisions, while Users are very limited. If you’re not sure, start your new person as a User and up them to an Administrator if it turns out that they need more access.

That’s all there is to it.







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