Are You Too Aggressive at Facebook?

I have a client who’s in sales in her day job, and is building a website for a side business. We developed a strategy for her online marketing, and we were discussing some of her concerns today.

“I don’t want to be too aggressive at Facebook,” she said.

I agreed with her. Facebook isn’t the place for the aggressive sales approach.

“I think I’ll post once a week.”

I broke in and suggested that we back the truck up. Frequent posting at Facebook isn’t aggressive. Frequent posting is good. If people come visit your business page a few times and there’s nothing going on, they won’t come back. You need to have things going on at your page so people will come and visit and tell their friends.

Being too aggressive at Facebook, or at any other social media or networking site, is about heavy sales tactics.

Posting about your new products and special offers once a week is fine. A little more often, if you’re really excited. But in between those sales posts you need other kinds of posts. Useful information. Fun links. Great photos. Friendly remarks to people.

Then you’ll be a valuable member of the community, not an overly aggressive salesperson.







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