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Blogging is the most effective tactic for improving your website’s SEO. Search engines value fresh, high quality content. Your human visitors value entertaining and informative articles at your website. People looking for goods and services usually start by searching for more general information. Your blog allows you to answer those early questions, and then to continue providing valuable insights all along the customer’s journey to purchase — and beyond. Blogging for spas fits the path to purchase shown by the average consumer.

Hubspot, a major player in inbound marketing software, revealed that marketers who make blogging a high priority are 13 times as likely to get good ROI from their marketing efforts. Websites with regular blogging get 97% more links and have more than 400% more indexed pages than those that don’t. Statistics like this are easy to find, and they consistently show the value of blogging.

Your spa can stand out from local competitors with a blog. Blogging for spas can be especially valuable, since you have a lot of specialized knowledge that your prospective customers need in order to decide to use your services.

Include blogging in your marketing plan

When you put together a marketing plan, you should include all the strategies and tactics you plan to use. You may choose to place ads online or in local print media, to hold open house events at your location or at other venues, and to use social media to engage with your community.

Your website, however, is probably your top marketing tool. Upkeep — including regular blogging — belongs on your marketing calendar.

Blogging can also support other marketing tactics. Print out PDF copies of blog posts that you know will be of interest to people who attend your events. Pass them out. Use images and text from your blog to put ads together. Link to blog posts in your email mailings. Turn your blog posts into videos and vice versa.

Regular blogging gives you great fodder for your social media posts, too. Link to the post so interested readers will click through to your website.

Having a clear, integrated strategy increases your chances of success.

You know the why — what about the how?

Plan and schedule blogging. Fresh posts three times a week give the best results, in our experience, but your schedule will depend on your resources. Don’t go with a plan like, “We’ll just write posts when we have something to say.” That’s not a plan, and it can easily lead to the Blogging Death Spiral.

Here are some useful steps for making a marketing plan for your spa:

  • Identify your ideal customer.
  • Identify the keywords that will help you show up for your ideal customers when they search for your goods and services.
  • Think about the questions and concerns your ideal customers have.
  • Create content that will answer those questions.

Who will write your blog? Great results come from great content. This is not the time to assign a task to the staff member who seems most expendable. Hire a professional blogger, or assign specific posts to specific individuals.

What should you write about?

Blogging for spas is a natural. Many people’s recreational web-surfing centers on health and beauty. Spas tend to be photogenic. And there’s a lot of useful information you can provide for current clients and prospective customers alike.

There are some questions you know your visitors have on their minds:

  • Details about your procedures and products
  • Concerns about prices, pain, and protocol
  • Tips for first-timers
  • Dress codes and other policies
  • Spa tips for men
  • Information about specific ingredients, brands, and tools
  • Accessibility information for your facility
  • Health benefits of spa treatments
  • Special offers, events, and discounts

Add the questions you hear every day at your spa.

If you are subject to HIPAA regulations, make sure your bloggers are familiar with those rules. Consider setting up a compliance check procedure, too. At Haden Interactive, we always have at least two sets of eyes on our posts, in addition to any compliance systems used by our clients.

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