Building a Blog

We recently built a blog for an engineer who works here in Northwest Arkansas. We’ve built a number of websites for engineers, and most contain blogs. This one doesn’t contain a blog: it is a blog.

Note that we’re not saying it’s “just a blog.” Blogs are valuable for business, and we believe that every business website should have a blog. But it’s not the case that every blog should have a business website.

In the WordPress community, the use of WordPress as a content management system (CMS) in websites is surpassing the use of WordPress as a blogging platform. That’s a sign of how great WordPress is as a CMS — it now powers roughly one quarter of all the websites in the world, and that’s when you count as a single website.

WordPress doesn’t want to leave its roots as a blogging platform, though, even though it is now the most popular CSM in the world.

So it was a pleasure for us to build this blog. No static home page, no products category, no monetization plan, just a great blog.

There are some special features. We added Star Trek quotes to amuse our client, and we’ve installed Google Analytics and some handy plugins. There are some cool movement effects we think our client will enjoy and we’ve installed a collection of images to get him started. And if some day he decides to sell mugs and T shirts, he can. For right now, it’s a blog. Not just a blog. A blog.






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