Centralized Blogging

Blogging is the single most valuable thing you can do for your website. Each blog post does all these things for you:

  • Adds another indexed page of valuable content to your website.
  • Answers a question for your current clients.
  • Turns up as the answer to search queries for new prospective clients.
  • Shares your take on your brand and your products.
  • Gives other webmasters something good to link to.
  • Gives you something good to share in social media.

Unlike ads, blog posts continue to work for you, at no additional cost. We recently did an analytics check for a former blogging client of ours. We haven’t written for this client for nearly a year, but when we checked the analytics, 5 of the top 10 traffic-drawing pages on the website are blog posts we wrote. That’s thousands of visits that this website would not have received if there had been no blogging.

There are probably thousands more who haven’t come because the blogging stopped, of course, but the principle still stands.

So a business should have a blog, but what if there are multiple offices, multiple franchise locations, multiple branches, multiple possible voices? Should you go with centralized blogging or choose to have multiple blogs?

The first question is this: how many blogs can you really sustain? Having a lot of excellent individual blogs is terrific. Having a lot of abandoned blogs just looks lame. If you have the resources, go for multiple blogs. If not, make good use of one centralized blog.

Centralized blogging

If you choose centralized blogging, make sure that you have a plan to include the various branches of the company. Here are some tactics you can use:

  • Make sure that the blog includes links to the individual offices’ pages. One blog we write, for example, represents multiple clinics. The site has separate pages for each clinic, and we link to the clinic each time we write about that clinic’s specialty.
  • Citations are good, even without links. Writing about local locations with their town names makes them show up better in local search in their towns.
  • Get everyone in on the social media. Multiple salespeople in a single office can Like and Share and Retweet for each other’s events, spreading the word more effectively.

Does your company website have a blog? Did you plan to have one in 2019, but instead get caught in the blogging death spiral? You still have six months. We can get a blog going for you and you can see results before the end of the year, allowing you to check off another success for 2019. Call 479.966.9761 or email Rosamond@HadenInteractive.com to get started.







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