Color of the Year 2013, Revised

We announced that Monaco Blue was Color of the Year 2013 back when, well, everyone else was announcing that. However, it appears that Monaco Blue was only a “top color.” The Color of the Year for 2013 is actually Emerald.

From the point of view of the web, Emerald is more interesting than blue, which is so basic to computers that it’s very hard to get excited about it.

Emerald, or #019875, is quite different. We rarely see this color in websites. There are plenty of green websites, of course — we’ve got a couple of them in our gallery — but they tend to be a more yellow-green shade like that of the Family Chiropractic Center:

Screen grab of the Family Chiropractic Center Web site

You also see sage greens like the main color at FreshPlans:


The closest match in our collection is the forthcoming MySocialForecast site:


Looking around the web, we’re not seeing emerald yet. There wasn’t much tangerine last year at this time either (Color of the Year 2012: Tangerine Tango), and by now there are plenty, so we’ll expect to see more as the year continues.

Chances are, blue will still beat out emerald when it comes to websites in 2013.







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