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Marketing Plans Focus On the Site

Julianne took this platter of cookies to a local client to celebrate the launch of their website. If you look closely, you’ll notice that some of the cookies have the client’s QR code on them.

People were whipping out their smartphones and snapping away — not only at the client’s launch party, but at the bakery, too.

QR codes on cookies might not be your style, but it makes a point: one of the primary goals your marketing should accomplish is just getting people to your website.

Your website is where you have the most control over your message. You can provide the perfect call to action there, address the concerns you know your customers have, give useful information that increases your value to your clients, and remind them of all the reasons they should choose you rather than your competition.

Sometimes people forget this. We have clients who want to sell directly from Facebook or to use press releases to increase their companies’ overall visibility. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s essential, though, to remember that Facebook should drive people to your website, that press releases should drive people to your website, and that a visit to your office or a listen to your radio show should — that’s right, drive people to your website.

Here are some ways to get people to your website with other forms of marketing:

  • Put your QR code on everything from staff T shirts to item labels. Click that link to learn how to do this.
  • Put your URL on TV ads, billboards, invoices, email signatures, business cards, bags, and everything else you give, send, or show to people.
  • Get in the habit of casually working phrases like, “There’s more information about this at our website, HadenInteractive.com,” into your TV interviews, radio shows, conference presentations, Rotary Club speeches, and all other public speech.
  • Train staff to say things like, “Have you visited our website?” when checking out customers, and to assure people, “You can find full information at our website.”
  • Did you put QR codes on your shelves leading people to pages with more information? Train sales staff to click the codes with their own phones when they’re helping customers. Consumers trust online reviews and information, so it’s like providing a second opinion.
  • Make sure that every video, social media account, and online profile includes a link to your website. If possible, replace the anchor text (which may say something like “website”) with keyword-rich text like “Rexroth support” or “Organic produce” or whatever it is you’re selling.

The one case in which you don’t want to do this is when your website is an embarrassment. If you’re overdue for an update, give us a call at 479.966.9761 and we’ll fix you up.







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