How New Does Your Post Need to Be?

Your blog post — all your blog posts — must be completely original and must provide something new to your visitors. Does that mean that you have to have earth-shattering news or at least some original research every time you post?

Think about this: how often do your patients, clients, and customers ask you a brand new question? Probably not very often. Generally, people need answers to much the same questions, because they’re coming to you for things you provide – things which solve much the same problems for a variety of people.

The Pew Research Center recently did an extensive survey on how American consumers use the internet for health care information searches. Searches for game-changing new healthcare research didn’t even show up on the list of topics.

Instead, people were looking up ailments and symptoms in hopes of diagnosing their own health problems, they were looking for answers to common health questions, like, “What’s the best way to lose weight?” or they were looking up common health topics like pregnancy and back pain.

If your website offers healthcare information, you don’t have to feel that you shouldn’t mention back pain because others have talked about it. There are always new people looking for information about it. People need different information about it at different time. Your patients want to know what you have to say about it.

That doesn’t mean that your blog posts can be regurgitated versions of other blog’s posts.

Instead, think about the various ways your visitors might be looking for that information:

  • Some people have never had back pain before, and they want to know the basics.
  • Some have experienced back pain and are aware of some possible solutions, but want to know their options.
  • Some are looking to learn more about specific solutions.
  • Some are considering a specific solution and want to know possible drawbacks before they decide.
  • Some are ready to take action and want to know how to get the solution you offer.

At this blog, we write about SEO and online marketing. On the topic of social media, following the pattern above, we might write about things like these:

  • Basics of using social media for marketing
  • Information about various platforms or tools used for social media
  • Details on how to create a LinkedIn profile or how to pin pictures from a business website effectively
  • Comparisons of in-house social media vs. professional social media management
  • Specifics about our prices and procedures for social media management

That’s a lot of potential blog posts!

Whatever your topic, approach it from a lot of different directions, provide lots of information, and always have something new to say on the subject.







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