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The Maybes at Your Website

Realtor Ken Jansen has a top ranking page for the prestigious LionsGate subdivision in Johnson County, Kansas. This page is also one of the top landing pages for his website, so we’re working with him to increase conversion.

The first step is to get into the web analytics and dig around thoroughly. In this case, we’re looking for the Maybes.

You may be familiar with the classic marketing advice that there are three kinds of people visiting your shop:

  • people who are ready to say Yes, who will already be buying
  • people who have already decided to say No, who won’t be buying regardless of what you say
  •  Maybes, people who are undecided.

The Maybes, the advice says, are the ones for whom you should tailor your marketing.

Maybes can be the ones who abandon their carts, the ones who spend a lot of time on the site but never call, the ones who download and use your free services regularly but haven’t quite decided to go with the premium version yet.

For Ken, we were able to identify a set of behaviors that looked like a group of Maybes. We created a persona based on this data, followed this hypothetical (but data-based) individual through the site, and came up with a plan to speak to the Maybes more clearly.

Give your own website a look. Are there Maybes you could be communicating with more effectively?







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  2. Ken Jansen Avatar

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for the great list of changes. Just to note this is the ‘before’ shot in the article you wrote. 🙂

  3. Rebecca Haden Avatar

    Good point, Ken!

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