Modern Websites vs. Pioneer Stores

A century ago in rural America — or a couple of centuries if you think of a more urban milieu — you could open a store in a town and be sure that folks would hear about it.

They’d be excited, in fact. They’d tell their friends. They’d bring the family in to see what you had to offer. They might not have much money, but they’d be thinking of ways to come up with the cash to buy the wonderful goods you had in your store.

The internet was like that a couple of decades ago.

Now, if you open a store in just about any town in America, you won’t be able to sit back and wait for the customers to walk in. You have significant competition. You have to put an investment into marketing, and you may still have several years of suspense as you build your clientele.

The internet is like that now. You have competition not only for the specific goods and services you offer, but also for solutions to the problems you address. You have competitors online who don’t even show up on your radar in the physical world. You’re probably competing with Amazon and Wikipedia.

A good website is an absolute must. If you don’t have a website, you aren’t in the game at all. A good website, however, is only the first step. We put up two good websites as an experiment. We gave one regular blogging, social media, a bit of linkbuilding, and strategic use of analytics. We left the other one alone, and the difference after six months was striking:


That’s useful information from an experiment. It would be a terrible thing for your business website.

Your website needs regular, consistent management. If that’s not the best use of your time, call us at 479.966.9761 and let us handle it for you.









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