New Website Lab Report: Benchmarks

The new website I just launched — this is an interior page, with Earth Day lesson plans — has two days’ worth of analytics now. The first day it had five visits and the second day it had seven, for a total of 12 visits from 6 unique visitors. 8 were direct visits, 3 were referrals from this blog, and 1 came via search, looking for “freshplans.”

Yesterday the site was at #18 on Google for “Fresh Plans” and over 100 for “FreshPlans.” Today, it’s at #14 and #28 respectively for those terms.

We’ve done nothing at all, except to filter my computer out of the results and mention the site here. So this is what you might expect if you simply build a good site and put it up and don’t do anything in the way of search engine marketing. I’m going to give it a week before I take any steps, to establish proper baselines.





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