Really Getting the Most Out of Your Linkbuilding

Recently I did a few hours of linkbuilding for motivational speaker Paul Vitale. When I do foundational linkbuilding, I like to work fast. Quality is essential, that goes without saying, but the name of the game is getting as many good links as possible in the time available.

Accordingly, I set him up at with basic information. When I went back a couple of days later to make sure all was well, Paul and his associates had claimed the listing and added a photograph, a link to his YouTube channel with a video sample and a “subscribe” button, a map, a place for people to add reviews…

I was startled. I do encourage clients to build on their directory listings, of course, both here at this blog and when I speak with them individually, but I’ve never seen anyone jump to it like this before anyone had even suggested it. Paul has a Google Alert set, so he knows when his name turns up somewhere, and he took immediate action.

He speaks and writes about success. He also follows his own advice. Folks, this is a good example.







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