Reimagining the About Us Page

Your About Us page is usually not important for SEO — you don’t really want people to start there. Only about 10% of your visitors will usually visit your About Us page, so it’s not super important for usability, either.

About Us pages are quite important for your business — they’re typically visited by people who are thinking about investing some money in your goods and services and want to reassure themselves that they’re making the right decision. But they’re rarely the most visually exciting page you have on your website.

About Us pages are often pretty predictable, too. There will be useful information like a telephone number and an email address. Most businesses will list a physical address or at least a P.O. box. In addition to the obligatory contact info most About Us pages will have some details about the business. Things like when the business was founded, why the business was started, the purpose of the business, and general things of that nature. This is all very important and useful information that a business should definitely include on their About Us page, but why stop there? Your About Us page should give folks insight to who you are, but it can also let people know what you are about.

An About Us page can offer your audience a more in depth look at the values and philosophies of your business. There are statistics out there that suggest Millennials are more likely to support a business that donates a portion of their profits to a good cause. Increasing numbers of people will go out of their way to buy green products, and recent research suggests that a majority of shoppers will buy a product made by a company that’s owned by members of a group they feel connected with.

So maybe it’s time to reimagine the About Us page as a page that shows the bigger issues your company supports and cares about.

We can tell you pretty quickly which major initiatives the people we work with support, whether it’s health, environmental responsibility, children’s charities, or the arts. That information is not always on their About Us pages, though — it’s not on ours, either. Maybe it’s time to change that.



In addition to your good works or your community initiatives, the About Us page could become a place where you can share information about how you source and produce your goods.

Consumers are becoming increasingly mindful of the effect of their purchases, which is why business transparency is becoming increasingly important. For a long time, people weren’t aware or didn’t care that their goods were being made by underpaid children using toxic chemicals. The awareness has increased and the sense of responsibility has increased with it. There are some consumers who will turn away from a company which isn’t transparent about their business practices, as well as from a company whose business practices are not in line with their values.

For many people, the way you go about your business is just as important as your telephone number. The About Us page is there to provide information. But the information that’s being gathered isn’t just your company’s address and start date. Your audience recognizes that the About Us page is there to give a glimpse at your company. It’s the business card, but it’s also the handshake.







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