Righting Ranking Wrongs

Right now I’m doing some on-site search engine optimization (that is, fixing up the content) for a large and successful logistics company. They’re always on those lists of Top 50 Companies and Companies to Watch and stuff like that. They’re also on the lists of Best Places to Work and Green Businesses. I like to work with companies like that.

I also had a call yesterday from a small roofing company that’s been in business in their town for 30 years. They pride themselves on the quality of their work and the way they treat their workers. They won’t take a customer’s check until the job is done to that customer’s satisfaction. The caller was the son of the founder of the business. He called from his truck on a job site, with his laptop by his side. I also like to work with companies like this.

Not everyone would see what these two companies have in common. To me, though, they both are businesses that ought to be ranking very well on the search engines, and aren’t. When you look for logistics, you ought to find that up and coming company. When you look for a roofer in Blue Springs, you ought to find that roofing company. People who find these companies when they search for them will be happy; they’ll get exactly what they need.

In both cases, you don’t find them.

While there is certainly a fun aspect to getting some bold start up to a top rank against the odds, there’s even more satisfaction in getting companies the rankings they truly deserve. It makes me feel like I’m Righting Wrongs. (That’s me up there on the white horse.)

So I hope that when you think about getting top rankings for your company, you think about what your company is best at. What you ought to be ranking for, because you really are the best choice for people who search for those terms. What Google would really like to be offering you for, if only they knew.

Usually, getting those rankings is mostly about fixing the problems with your website. The two companies I mentioned have something else in common: their sites have problems, both in the content on the screen, and in the stuff under the hood. Once we get them fixed up, the search engines will probably fall upon them with metaphorical glad cries.

And I can ride off into the sunset, conscious of having restored the balance of the universe, if only in a small way.







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