Signing Off on Your Site

Sometimes clients get nervous about signing off. We understand that. We typically ask for a sign off  on both the content — the words — and on the design mock up — the picture of how the site will look — before we build the website. We’re asking the client to commit to something when it isn’t really complete yet. Nervousness is a natural response.

Here’s why your web pros will ask you for a sign off:

  • We don’t want to build something when it isn’t what you want. That’s a waste of our time and of yours. That means we need a commitment to the basic concept before we build.
  • We don’t want to get confused.  We always have at least a designer and a copywriter working with the client. Sometimes we have more than one designer, or a designer and a developer. It’s essential that we have certainty about which version of the things we’re working on is the one the client prefers.
  • We need accountability. Perfection doesn’t exist in this world. If we keep working on something, we’ll probably always find some way to make it even more spectacular. At some point, though, you have to quit improving and get the thing launched.   We always have the sign off points as part of our process; if your firm adds one in, it could be that they’re seeing missed deadlines piling up and they have other clients to look after.

A sign off doesn’t mean that there will be no further changes. It does mean that changes requiring a lot more time may be charged to you.

If you feel that things aren’t ready for a sign off or that you need more time, say so. If you just want to keep your options open in case, it’s time to have a talk with your web pros about how to make your process mesh better with their process. Either way, it’s not something to be worried about. It’s just a normal part of the process.






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