Social Media infographic

The Four Phases of Social Media

When it comes to social media, you can’t succeed if you jump in with both feet trying to make a marketing splash.

This isn’t a revolutionary new idea or anything, but we still find that many of our clients haven’t found a way to think about it that doesn’t make them feel like they’re wasting time.

On the contrary, you’re working strategically towards important goals.

To make this clearer and easier to grasp, we have an infographic for you. It shows how we approach social media for our clients. We explore, using data to determine the best social media channels for each company.

Then we establish a presence in those channels, creating good content that makes you look good when people come to check out your profile or page.

Then we engage customers and prospective customers, never forgetting to continue providing useful content and to watch for new opportunities.

Finally, we extend that successful presence with creative marketing initiatives.

You should do the same. How fast and how far you go depends on your resources, of course — the more time you have to put in, the faster you’ll progress — but the process should be the same. You can download our PDF  to remind you.







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