Trying Out WP-Optimize

Your company’s WordPress website requires some maintenance and upkeep. This is a reason some people don’t choose to use WordPress, but the alternative is to allow your website to degrade over time, and have a new one built every few years. That’s what people used to do, and it is still an option.

If you have a WordPress site, though, you can keep it updated and build a new one only when you’re ready for a new design or changes in your business require major changes in your site architecture.

So how can you keep your website up to date?

Certainly, if you have a webmaster who cares for your website, you can expect him or her to take care of this for you. Are you sure you have someone who is responsible for this? Some people you may think are responsible for keeping your website updated:

  • Your web hosting company
  • Your blogger
  • Your secretary
  • Your IT guy

Unless you have actually arranged for these people to mind the website, they probably aren’t doing so, and they may not know how.

So while you’re thinking about who should actually be responsible for your website, consider using the WP-Optimize plugin. Whoever you choose to manage your website, this plugin will do some essential cleaning and polishing quickly — and even automatically.


This plugin will clean up a lot of things your website really doesn’t need, including those 3,561 spam comments that have built up while you weren’t watching. Things like auto-saves of drafts, previous versions of posts, posts in the trash, and pingbacks or trackbacks if they’re bothering you, all can be cleaned up in seconds.

You can set up automatic clean-ups with this plugin, too, so that you won’t forget to clean up every now and then, and you can have your chosen number of weeks of data preserved, to make certain that you don’t lose versions of a post which is still being worked on or comments you haven’t yet checked. You can manage all this from your phone, to make it super convenient.

Your website will be happier.

Many WordPress plugins have a lot of features and benefits and options to review, but this plugin does a simple behind the scenes kind of job, and it didn’t break any website we tried it with, so that’s about all there is to say about the plugin.

We would recommend that you check the trash before you run WP-Optimize, just in case there are things in there that you really don’t want to delete. And it doesn’t update plugins or installations, so you’ll still need to do that by hand.







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