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Using Word for Blog Posts?

I’m working on a live refresh of a Joomla site — and if you need a translation, that means that I’m improving the content on a website that uses a content management system called Joomla. A live refresh is great for a site that needs a little help with search traffic. It doesn’t require shutting down the website. It just means polishing up the words and images.

This site also looked a bit odd. The typography was off, the images weren’t aligned quite right… When I got into the content management system, I could see the problem.

The text had been written in Word and then copied into the CMS. The result? Often, the extra code in a word document gives you odd results in a CMS. If you look at the HTML view, you’ll see all kinds of odd extra stuff.

This increases your code-to-text ratio (search engines don’t like that), interferes with the styling, and has no purpose at your website.

Instead, save your document in plain text, or copy it into Notepad to clean it up before you paste it into your CMS.

If you find this problem in your website (it’s most common in older sites), copy your text into Notepad, delete it all from the site, and then copy and paste the cleaned text back into your site.







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