Why You Need a Copywriter for Your Website

Recently I was talking with a designer who works in house for a large company. She has been working on their website, but is experiencing some frustration. “Waiting for content…” she said, in that special voice that means, “You know exactly what I mean, because we ALL have this problem.”

It’s true. Without an actual web content writer, you or your design department will spend a lot of time becalmed in the waters of Waiting for Content.

Here’s why you might need a web content writer:

  • You own a business, or work for one, and have other jobs to do. For some reason, there is a widespread belief that writing web copy can be done by practically anyone in their free time. This is false. It takes time. It takes more time if you don’t do it every day.
  • Your marketing department is expert — with print. Writing for print isn’t the same as writing for the web. You need to be able to write for the search engines and for the human visitors, both at the same time. That’s a specialized skill. People also read differently online than they do on paper. Writing for the web is simply different from print.
  • You don’t have a specialized web copywriter on staff. If you have an in-house SEO professional, you’re set. If not, then you’ll find that your designers will always be waiting for content, cleaning up content that doesn’t really work, or worse yet, trying to create their own content.

A web content specialist like me will be able to produce the content you need, fast, and make sure that it works with what your design department has in mind. People like me can also take the content provided by the client or the marketing department and make it into successful web content. If you’re a designer, you won’t believe what a difference it makes to have an SEO writer on your team. You can easily contact me if you don’t already have someone like me on the strength.






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