Ways to Collaborate with Your Professional Blogger

It makes sense for most medical professionals, clinics, and those who work in health and wellness to outsource blogging and SEO services at their website. A professional blogger provides a steady stream of quality content at your website; this lets you focus on your profession while still benefiting from content marketing. While you can leave your medical or health and wellness blog completely in the hands of a professional writer, you may decide that you want to collaborate with your blogger.

We work closely with many of our clients. Collaboration can increase authenticity at your blog and help make sure that your message reaches your audience.

Here’s one way to collaborate with your professional blogger: meet on the balcony with a nice bottle of wine and a couple of notebooks. This is so rare, you wouldn’t believe it. However, there are lots of practical methods for having a writer keep your company blog up to date.

Ways to collaborate with your professional blogger

Outsource your blogging

Give your blogger access to your blog and leave it to the pros. This is what we normally do. Settle on a posting schedule (three times a week is our standard), let your blogger know any special preferences you have (time of day to post, word counts, etc.), and relax.

One client, when we told him we could do it that way, said, “I’m not that relaxed.” We assured him that he didn’t have to relax if he didn’t want to. He has his staff post all the interesting things they hear during their workdays at Basecamp, and we pull stuff from that for his blog, Twitter, and newsletter. This works very well when your blogger doesn’t have direct experience with the industry.

Assign topics

Give your blogger topics as assignments, and have posts either sent to you or posted as drafts for your approval before they’re published. Frankly, this tends to result in a blog that isn’t posted regularly.

Let’s face it, if you had the time and inclination to come up with topics and edit the posts, you wouldn’t need to hire a blogger. However, we sometimes begin with this set-up and then shift to the first style once the client feels completely confident.


Have posts done in bulk and sent to you. We have a couple of clients who prefer to work this way. We send ten or twenty posts at a time, and they can post them on their preferred schedule.

In some cases, they save these for days when they don’t have time to do their own posts… at least at the beginning. DIY becomes less appealing as the simplicity of having your blog written for you becomes clear.

Editing services

Have your staff write blog posts and let your blogger edit them. This is a good method when you want full control over the content, but still want a professional quality blog. Again, this typically results in an inconsistent blog. It’s either feast or famine; you have an embarrassment of riches one week and then there’s a two or three week dry spell without any content.

The marketing value of a blog is incontestable at this point, but blogging regularly is rarely the best use of your time. Collaboration with a professional blogger is the solution. Any of these approaches can make it a simple and stress-free process.

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