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Is a WordPress website better for SEO? Is WordPress SEO different from SEO for another type of website?

Yes and, at least in some ways, yes. WordPress websites give you a real advantage when it comes to search engine optimization. But you have to take advantage of the opportunities that are built into the WordPress platform in order to get the WordPress SEO advantages.

Content is King

Fresh, original, valuable content is the cornerstone of SEO. Since WordPress makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to add content, you have a big advantage with a WordPress website. The days of having to send a Word document to the IT department and wait for them to implement changes are past.

You or your web team can add posts and pages, update content, and manage media more easily with WordPress than without. This should mean that you’ll have fresh content more frequently. That’s only true if you or your web team will actually write new content, though. If you don’t publish blog posts regularly, the advantage of democratized publishing is limited.

Supposing that you have content providers on staff, though, WordPress does more than just allow easy blogging.

Helpful plugins

The Yoast SEO plugin won’t just magically optimize your content. However, it will coach you to write better-optimized posts.

Note the suggestions the Yoast plugin gave for this post while it was being written. They’re good reminders.

There are also plugins and tools that optimize your website by minimizing files, optimizing images, and cleaning up your database. These steps can keep your website fast and clean, improving its SEO performance. Again, this isn’t usually automatic. You have to configure the plugins, and often you must also tell them to take action. Installing a plugin is hardly ever the end of the work, but they give you functionality that would be costly in a traditional website.

Code updates

If your website’s technology is out of date, it may load slower or behave badly in some browsers. This will affect your ability to get links, your visitors’ experience, and eventually your search rankings.

WordPress websites require you to update your version of WordPress as well as your themes and plugins regularly. While some people find this irritating, it helps to keep your website up to date under the hood. Traditional websites may become obsolete and require a redesign in just a couple of years. Your WordPress website, kept up to date, can stay functional for many years.


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