Digital Marketing for Fitness Centers

Your yoga studio, gym, or dojo is definitely a local business that your clients interact with in person, in the physical world. However, the vast majority of consumers now go online for information about local businesses before they visit any brick and mortar locations, and they have done much of their decision making before they walk through your door.

How can a fitness center create an effective online marketing presence?

  • It’s all about location. Well, it’s not absolutely all about location, but the majority of consumers looking for a place to work out are looking for someplace convenient, either to their home or their workplace. They will use local search, so it’s essential that you show up well in local search. Your address must be prominent on your website and your location should be completely clear in your content.


In keeping with Google’s trend toward trying to satisfy searcher’s needs on the search engine results page, gym SERPs give searchers plenty of options other than clicking through to your website, so your G+ page is also extremely important.

  • It’s really all about the client. Gym websites often focus on the features of the gym, but consumers tend to be most conscious of things they think will help them reach their fitness goals. That is likely to include hours that fit their schedules, child care, showers if they’re planning to head to work after time at the gym, access to personal trainers, and an environment in which your particular client will feel comfortable. Depending on your clientele, that could mean women-only classes, strict dress codes, a party atmosphere, or a competitive vibe. If you’re not sure what your clients find most important, ask them. Then make sure that your website spotlights those aspects of your business.
  • Your website is an extension of your facility. If you want clients to believe that you have a clean, modern facility, you need a clean, modern website. If you have medical supervision or strong personal training credentials in-house, make sure your About Us page reflects that. If you have a friendly, helpful staff, you should have a friendly, helpful blog.
  • Social media is your new word of mouth. Word of mouth is super important for fitness facilities, and social media is the new word of mouth. You should be active on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest at the very least. Your social media should be strongly integrated with your website and particularly with your blog. Being the go-to for fitness information and inspiration will pay off.

Many people who search online for a fitness facility are looking for a commodity: someplace convenient in their price range where they can get a workout they’ll enjoy enough to keep going back. A strong website allows you to stand out.








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