DIY, Pie, and Your Website

We’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow in the U.S., and most of us will eat pie of one kind or another. Naturally, this makes me think of websites.

You might, at your Thanksgiving celebration, eat homemade pie lovingly baked by the grandmother of one of those families that goes in for competitive baking. It might be the best pie you’ve ever eaten. You might have an excellent pie from a fine professional bakery, and that could also be a high level pie eating experience. Or you might have a cheap frozen pie heated up in a way that will burn the top crust and leave the bottom crust soggy. Or a badly homemade pie with the metallic taste of lard and a watery filling.

The user experience for pie is based on the quality of the ingredients, the skill of the baker, and how that pie is put together.

If you’re hiring a good designer to build you a custom website, don’t spoil it by filling the site with poor quality content. If you have your own content and you’re happy with it, don’t tuck it into a badly coded DIY website and expect it to do as well for you as it would if you had a well built site.

Happy Thanksgiving!






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