Leverage Your Assets for SEO

As I’ve been working on SEO and conversion strategies for various companies, I’ve been noticing how often I focus on the terrific assets the company already has:

  • A professional photographer with a huge stack of luscious photos just waiting to be turned into effective Pinterest posts with strategically-written blog posts attached
  • A CPG consulting company with scads of podcasts and videos of high-profile people in their field, ready to take their places on the path to purchase of seminars and services
  • A training company with a large library of only slightly outdated PowerPoints which could crush it at SlideShare
  • A prominent blog with the kind of fun tools visitors love, all needing promotion to draw new readers
  • A super-fun company culture that makes them look like they could be their customers’ BFFs on Facebook… with no links back to valuable content on their website
  • A professional service company with snapshots of their team getting their hands dirty for charity, without a posed picture in the lot

What does your company have? What are you great at, and what assets are already somewhere on your computer or in your dropbox, waiting for you to show them off?

Not sure what your best assets are?

If you’ve scouted around and you’re not sure what you have to show your visitors what you have to offer, think outside the box.

The picture at the top of this post shows William and Gideon Haden, two members of our team (and our family), feeling super happy at the top of a climb in the Grand Tetons. It says some things about Team Haden, and not just because William’s wearing our T-shirt. As a company, we’re willing to make the effort to accomplish something great for our clients, just as we’re willing as individuals to take on a challenge and really enjoy it. We don’t shrink from hard work or from new efforts. We also respect the environment, one another, and our clients and colleagues, and that shows in the experience you have with Haden Interactive.

Do you have pictures, podcasts, great content from old company newsletters, or links on other websites that could tell a great story about your company? Your website and your social media accounts are great places to let them tell that story.

Need help telling that story? Contact us. We can make it happen.



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