Google Analytics

Google Analytics tell you a lot about your visitors:

  • How many visitors you have
  • Their age, gender, and interests
  • Where they come from
  • How they found you
  • What they do at your website
  • What kinds of visitors are most likely to convert

Web analytics, including Google Analytics as well as social media analytics, also tell you a lot about your online marketing:

  • What’s working
  • What needs work
  • Where you should be putting your resources

With this kind of information, you can allocate your resources effectively, develop strategies that are more likely to succeed, and improve your results.

The problem is, it takes time and experience to get the most out of Google Analytics. We’ve spent years with analytics, not just at our own sites and with our own clients, but for other marketing agencies as well. Chances are good that we can get more out of your data.

We specialize in providing actionable data that allows you to make confident decisions about your digital marketing strategy. Since we’re writers, we’re able to create analytics reports that are readable. You end up with a practical, data-driven checklist of steps toward your goal, not a spreadsheet or a collection of charts.

Haden Interactive analysts:

  • Google Analytics Certified
  • More than a decade of experience
  • Corporate business analysis background

We don’t just pull a report. We dig deep to find out what’s happening and why, identify actionable data, and help you determine the best steps for your company to take in order to move toward your goals.

We recommend a quarterly analytics report for most websites. Our reports contain clear information and explanations of the data we find in your web analytics, with a checklist of action steps. We can help you implement those steps or you can implement them in-house.

Our analytics service is an excellent addition to your full package of digital marketing services, or a helpful stand-alone service. Call Rosie at 479.966.9761 to order analytics services.