Website Update — Go Long!

Long web pages are popular among web designers now (read about the “above the fold” issues) and the stacked style is downright trendy.

Rocky Grove Sun Company is a local renewable energy engineering firm. We built a website for them a couple of years ago. You can see the screenshot of that build at right. Like any company that has not updated their website in a couple of years, Rocky Grove was ready for a refresh.

long web page

They also wanted to add an interactive map showing some of their installations. Designer Tom Hapgood built the map in Google Earth and added it to the homepage to give a new, stacked look to the page.

He also reconfigured the page to bring in the newest blog posts, another thing the guys at Rocky Grove wanted to do, and created a long home page.

If you compare the original (right) with the new version (above), you can see that this is an economical update rather than a redesign, but it gives a fresh look to the site and includes all the elements the company wanted:

  • content updates
  • new photos in the slider
  • an interactive map of installations
  • blog posts pulled onto the homepage
  • an additional photo at the bottom of the page

Want to see more about that map? Tom built it with Google Maps as described in our post on creating an interactive map for your website.

He put a little sun at the location of each of the jobs the guys at Rocky Grove listed for us, and added a pop-up box with a photo of the job. Click on a sun icon and the photo pops up.


This lets the guys share a lot of their work in a small space, as well as showing their service area in a fun way.

Because Tom was able to work the new map into a reconfigured stacked design, Rocky Grove’s new look is more exciting, more interactive, and more vibrant without losing any of the original design. This worked because the site already works well for the company. “We love it,” the guys told me. “We’re really proud of it.”

If you still feel that way about your website, an update can keep it fresh and up to date on a comfortable budget.







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