You’re #1 on Google: Now What?

My new client over at Stage Hypnosis Center is in an enviable position. If you wanted to become a stage hypnotist, and you went online to look for some training for the purpose, you would find the Ronnings’ website at the top of your search results page every time.

What’s the next step when you’ve achieved high visibility for the logical searches for your particular marketing niche?

  • Go after minor keywords. The school-supply store I work with has found that people are just as likely to search for “polka dot Bordette” or whatever individual item they’re looking for as they are to start with “school supply store.” We routinely work on getting her high on search for as many of her thousands of products as possible. Another of my clients posted some of her articles in Spanish, a move which put her at the top of search for her main keywords in Spanish as well as in English — reaching a population she wanted to reach better than she previously had. Do a little testing to discover what lesser keywords might be worth working on.
  • Keep your content fresh. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, your visitors may find you during informational search, not just when they’re shopping. I’m working on a website for a scholar of Torah right now. Nobody’s going to Google “deeper meaning of the book of Esther” with their credit card in hand, but reading his insightful article on the subject will very likely bring them back in future. Then, when they’re ready to make a donation or buy a book, they’ll head back to the website. There are so many surprising searches going on every day that we can’t plan to choose all the keywords our visitors use to find us. Having plenty of useful, relevant content will increase the chances of reaching audiences we’d never have thought of. I wasn’t actually counting on being on the front page of Google for “avoiding piracy,” but now that I am, I figure I may be reaching some practitioners of ethical SEO I might not otherwise have met.
  • Work on conversion. My stage hypnotist client has results in search that his competitors have to envy, but there are things he can do for his website that should make a big difference in the number of people who come to visit and stay to subscribe or purchase. Increasing your conversion rate with your current traffic level is an excellent goal to keep in mind while you’re working on search and traffic.







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  1. Dana Avatar

    Great post. Reaching golden position in the SERP’s is just the beginning. Then it’s time to work on converting those visitors. And we all know staying in the golden position is an ever-changing ongoing process that never stops!

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